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Newsletter November 8  2019.docNewsletter November 8  2019Newsletter November 8 20198/11/20193279 KB
Newsletter October 25  2019.docNewsletter October 25  2019Newsletter October 25 201925/10/20191784 KB
Newsletter October 11  2019.docNewsletter October 11  2019Newsletter October 11 201914/10/2019743 KB
Newsletter September 12  2019.docNewsletter September 12  2019Newsletter September 12 201912/09/20197817 KB
Newsletter August 30  2019.docNewsletter August 30  2019Newsletter August 30 201930/08/20192552 KB
Newsletter August 16  2019.docNewsletter August 16  2019Newsletter August 16 201916/08/2019845 KB
Newsletter August 2  2019.docNewsletter  August 2  2019Newsletter August 2 20192/08/20195271 KB
Newsletter June 21  2019.docNewsletter June 21  2019Newsletter June 21 201924/06/2019911 KB
Newsletter June 7.docNewsletter June 7  2019Newsletter June 77/06/2019276 KB
Newsletter May 24  2019.docNewsletter May 24  2019Newsletter May 24 201924/05/20192104 KB
Newsletter May 09.docNewsletter May 09Newsletter May 0913/05/20191340 KB
Newsletter March 28  2019.docNewsletter March 28  2019Newsletter March 28 201929/03/20194331 KB
Newsletter March 15  2019.docNewsletter March 15  2019Newsletter March 15 201918/03/2019737 KB
Newsletter March 1  2019.docNewsletter March 1  2019Newsletter March 1 20191/03/20193621 KB
Newsletter February 15 2019.docNewsletter February 15 2019Newsletter February 15 201918/02/20191146 KB
Newsletter February 1  2019.docNewsletter February 1  2019Newsletter February 1 20194/02/20193110 KB
Newsletter December 7 2018.docNewsletter December 7 2018Newsletter December 7 20187/12/2018648 KB
Newsletter November 9th 2018.docNewsletter November 9th 2018Newsletter November 9th 20189/11/20181063 KB
Newsletter October 26th.docNewsletter October 26thNewsletter October 26th26/10/20184612 KB
Newsletter September 13th.docNewsletter September 13thNewsletter September 13th14/09/20183886 KB
Newsletter August 31st.docNewsletter August 31stNewsletter August 31st31/08/20181660 KB
Newsletter August 17th 2018.docNewsletter August 17th 2018Newsletter August 17th 201817/08/2018649 KB
Newsletter August 3rd.docNewsletter August 3rdNewsletter August 3rd3/08/20188716 KB
Newsletter July 20th 2018.docNewsletter July 20th 2018Newsletter July 20th 201820/07/2018708 KB
Newsletter June 28th.docNewsletter June 28thNewsletter June 28th28/06/2018496 KB
Newsletter June 15th 2018.docNewsletter June 15th 2018Newsletter June 15th 201815/06/20181085 KB
Newsletter June 1st.docNewsletter June 1stNewsletter June 1st1/06/2018233 KB
Newsletter May 17th 2018.docNewsletter May 17th 2018Newsletter May 17th 201817/05/2018900 KB
Newsletter May 4th.docNewsletter May 4thNewsletter May 4th4/05/20181739 KB
Newsletter April 20th 2018.docNewsletter April 20th 2018Newsletter April 20th 201820/04/20186764 KB
Newsletter March 23rd 2018.docNewsletter March 23rd 2018Newsletter March 23rd 201823/03/2018607 KB
Newsletter March 9th 2018.docNewsletter March 9th 2018Newsletter March 9th 20189/03/2018997 KB
Newsletter February 23rd 2018.docNewsletter February 23rd 2018Newsletter February 23rd 201823/02/20181151 KB
Newsletter February 9th 2018.docNewsletter February 9th 2018Newsletter February 9th 201812/02/20181616 KB
Newsletter January 25th.docNewsletter January 25thNewsletter January 25th2/02/2018633 KB
Newsletter December 1st.docNewsletter December 1stNewsletter December 1st1/12/20171118 KB
Newsletter November 17th.docNewsletter November 17th 2017Newsletter November 17th17/11/20176442 KB
Newsletter November 3rd.docNewsletter November 3rd 2017Newsletter November 3rd7/11/2017682 KB
Newsletter October 20th 2017.docNewsletter October 20th 2017Newsletter October 20th 201720/10/2017451 KB
Newsletter October 6th.docNewsletter October 6thNewsletter October 6th6/10/2017360 KB
Newsletter September 7th.docNewsletter September 7thNewsletter September 7th7/09/2017506 KB
Newsletter August 11th 2017.docNewsletter August 11th 2017Newsletter August 11th 201711/08/2017988 KB
Newslette July 27th 2017.docNewsletter July 27th 2017Newslette July 27th 201727/07/20171603 KB
Newsletter July 14th.docNewsletter July 14thNewsletter July 14th14/07/20171133 KB
Newsletter June 16th 2017.docNewsletter June 16th 2017Newsletter June 16th 201719/06/20171527 KB
Newsletter June 2nd 2017.docNewsletter June 2nd 2017Newsletter June 2nd 20172/06/20174111 KB
Newsletter May 18th.docNewsletter May 18thNewsletter May 18th30/05/2017762 KB
Newsletter May 5th 2017.docNewsletter May 5th 2017Newsletter May 5th 20179/05/20171555 KB
Newsletter April 21st 2017.docNewsletter 21st April 2017Newsletter April 21st 201721/04/20171024 KB
March 24th.docNewsletter March24thMarch 24th27/03/2017530 KB
Newsletter March 10th.docNewsletter March 10thNewsletter March 10th14/03/2017726 KB
Newsletter February 24th.docNewsletter February 24thNewsletter February 24th27/02/2017505 KB
Newsletter January 27th.docNewsletter January 27thNewsletter January 27th31/01/2017225 KB
Newsletter December 7th.docNewsletter December 7thNewsletter December 7th9/12/2016438 KB
Newsletter November 25th.docNewsletter November 25thNewsletter November 25th25/11/2016406 KB
Newsletter November 11th.docNewsletter November 11th 2016Newsletter November 11th21/11/2016491 KB
Newsletter October 28th.docNewsletter October 28th 2016Newsletter October 28th28/10/2016692 KB
Newsletter October 14th.docNewsletter October 14thNewsletter October 14th14/10/20161145 KB
Newsletter September 16th.docNewsletter September 16thNewsletter September 16th16/09/2016159 KB
Newsletter September 2nd.docNewsletter September 2nd 2016Newsletter September 2nd2/09/2016290 KB
Newsletter August 18th.docNewsletter August 18thNewsletter August 18th18/08/2016243 KB
Newsletter August 4th.docNewsletter August 4thNewsletter August 4th17/08/2016221 KB
Newsletter July 22nd.docNewsletter July 22ndNewsletter July 22nd22/07/2016320 KB
Newsletter June 24th.docNewsletter June 24thNewsletter June 24th24/06/20162036 KB
Newsletter June 10th.docNewsletter June 10th 2016Newsletter June 10th10/06/2016453 KB
Newsletter May 27th.docNewsletter May 27thNewsletter May 27th27/05/2016150 KB
Newsletter May 12th.docNewsletter May 12th 2016Newsletter May 12th12/05/2016344 KB
Newsletter April 29th.docNewsletter April 29thNewsletter April 29th29/04/2016544 KB
Newsletter April 15th 2016.docNewsletter April 15th 2016Newsletter April 15th 201615/04/2016229 KB
Newsletter March 24th.docNewsletter March 24th 2016Newsletter March 24th24/03/2016425 KB
Newsletter March 11th.docNewsletter March 11thNewsletter March 11th11/03/201611205 KB
Newsletter February 26th.docNewsletter February 26thNewsletter February 26th29/02/20162188 KB
Newsletter February 12th.docNewsletter February 12thNewsletter February 12th16/02/2016369 KB
Newsletter January 29th.docNewsletter January 29thNewsletter January 29th29/01/2016264 KB
Newsletter November 27th.docNewsletter November 27thNewsletter November 27th3/12/2015438 KB
Newsletter November 6th.docNewsletter November 6thNewsletter November 6th10/11/2015359 KB
Newsletter October 23rd.docNewsletter October 23rdNewsletter October 23rd23/10/20159876 KB
Newsletter October 9th.docNewsletter October 9thNewsletter October 9th9/10/20153808 KB
September 11th.docNewsletter September 11th 2015September 11th11/09/20153532 KB
Newsletter August 14th.docNewsletter August 14thNewsletter August 14th26/08/2015896 KB
Newsletter July 30th.docNewsletter July 30thNewsletter July 30th4/08/2015732 KB
Newsletter July 17th.docNewsletter July 17th 2015Newsletter July 17th17/07/2015328 KB
Newsletter June 19th.docNewsletter June 19thNewsletter June 19th19/06/2015669 KB
Newsletter June 5th.docNewsletter June 5thNewsletter June 5th5/06/2015499 KB
Newsletter May 22nd.docNewsletter May 22ndNewsletter May 22nd22/05/2015224 KB
Newsletter May 8th.docNewsletter May 8thNewsletter May 8th8/05/2015211 KB
Newsletter April 24th.docNewsletter April 24th 2015Newsletter April 24th29/04/2015408 KB
Newsletter March 27th.docNewsletter March 27th 2015Newsletter March 27th27/03/2015338 KB
Newsletter March 13th.docNewsletter March 13th 2015Newsletter March 13th16/03/2015270 KB
January 30th.docNewsletter January 30th 2015January 30th25/02/2015407 KB
February 13th.docNewsletter February 13th 2015February 13th25/02/2015347 KB
Newsletter November 21st.docNewsletter November 21st 2014Newsletter November 21st21/11/2014271 KB
NewsletterNovember 7th.docNewsetter November 7th 2014NewsletterNovember 7th20/11/2014313 KB
Newsletter October 24th.docNewsletter October 24th 2014Newsletter October 24th24/10/2014270 KB
Newsletter October 10th.docNewsletter October 10thNewsletter October 10th17/10/20144589 KB
Newsletter September 11th.docNewsletter September 11thNewsletter September 11th11/09/20141237 KB
Newsletter August 29th.docNewsletter August 29thNewsletter August 29th29/08/2014223 KB
Newsletter August 15th.docNewsletter August 15thNewsletter August 15th18/08/20146793 KB
Newsletter August 1st.docNewsletter August 1stNewsletter August 1st1/08/20144393 KB
July 18th.docNewsletter July 18th 2014July 18th18/07/20141109 KB
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